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Hi and Welcome to Academy High, I hope you Enjoy you stay and Have fun here. Please read the rules and Create a Character. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webmaster and Admin Team.

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 Dimitri Fuller's Powers

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Dimitri Fuller
Dimitri Fuller

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PostSubject: Dimitri Fuller's Powers   Sun May 29, 2011 8:33 am

Powers Name: Creation, Moulding and Controlling Lightning

Powers Effect:
-Control Lightning
-Create lightning
-Mould Lightning (means that he can make almost anything in lightning form, things like weapons, that stuff...)
-Eyes Change to Light Blue when in use

Dimitri was born when it was Lightning and thunder outside.
That was because Dimitri had the ability to Creation, mold and control Lightning.

Powers Name: Super Speed

Powers Effect:
-Go past the sound boundary and go up to 300 mph if in the mood


Kevin and Dimitri and their friends all trained their powers. This was When Dimitri got his Second Power which was that of Super Speed.

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Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller

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PostSubject: Re: Dimitri Fuller's Powers   Sun May 29, 2011 9:14 am

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Dimitri Fuller's Powers
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