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Hi and Welcome to Academy High, I hope you Enjoy you stay and Have fun here. Please read the rules and Create a Character. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webmaster and Admin Team.

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 Dimitri Fuller's Garage

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Dimitri Fuller
Dimitri Fuller

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PostSubject: Dimitri Fuller's Garage   Mon May 30, 2011 12:35 pm

Dimitri dashed in, he had his Uniform on and was going to put his helmet on. After he puts on and grabs his bike and gets on to his bike. He pushes a button on his bike the open the Garage door. He puts the key in and turn it on and let it warm up. He needed so space from the School and Alisha and mainly his Brother but this would make it worse but he needed to cool down. He does a wheelie and drives off.
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Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller

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PostSubject: Re: Dimitri Fuller's Garage   Tue May 31, 2011 1:34 am

Kevin arrived back at the school, he drove the bike of Dimi to the garage.
He put off the engines and put the bike in his place.
After that he took the keys and put them into his pocket.
Then he walked out, and headed to Alisha's room, too see if they had made up already.
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Dimitri Fuller's Garage
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