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 TC-21 Recon "Terminator"

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Tryppe Vaune

Tryppe Vaune

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PostSubject: TC-21 Recon "Terminator"   Fri Jun 10, 2011 8:59 am

Name: TC-21 Recon Bike




During the recent wars between UN forces and forces of chaos in the middle east the brilliant minds in the industry began to ponder on a new weapon; their brains came together on recon and elimination.

They met on several occassions in secret to devise a blueprinting of multiple designs for a terminator, a mobile unit that allowed for one rider and controller than when dispatched layed ground for a single purpose. search and destroy. this mobile unit was decided on being a motorcycle and the production was started. two years later after the first one was produced it had been stolen, late at night a break in occurred in the very secretive locker of area-51 which when they arrived the weapon was gone and the plans and people incharge and responsible were dead and torched.

Later the bike was found and repaired and modified with advanced, cybernetic weaponry in which it still utilizes today; it is owned and used widely by arachnid.


advanced aluminum frame for optimal and increased speed and durability, an advanced and proccessed armored shell that allows for bullet proof and aerial assault resistance handling.
navigation systems that allow for an advanced mapping of area' and more advanced and extremely rare parts for better handling, perfomance and speed as well as an alternate panel that cancels out the equipment of enemy soldiers in which creates a completely stealth-like and cloaked appearance.

The bike had an completely fully automatic machine gune atached to the front tires; an advanced rocket booste attached to the back frame and a rocket and grenade launcher attached to the seat. (one facing forward the other backward). all weapons are built and modified to be stored within the vehicles frame, hidden from view.


The side bags of the bike hold several seperate and extra boxes of specially designed shells and grenades and rockets that the bike use to fight off enemies.

Miles Per Hour: The bike is allowed around 400 MPH.

Other Notes:

The vehicle is designed to take in and store while using very little solar energy for power.
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Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller

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PostSubject: Re: TC-21 Recon "Terminator"   Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:05 pm

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TC-21 Recon "Terminator"
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