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 Martial Arts Class

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Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller

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PostSubject: Martial Arts Class   Fri Jun 10, 2011 12:02 pm

*Here Tryppe Vaune will teach martial arts*
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Tryppe Vaune

Tryppe Vaune

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PostSubject: Re: Martial Arts Class   Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:36 am

Walking into the room later that day Tryppe sets his bag down as he looks around, newly arrived and appointed as the martial arts instructor as well as one of the more qualified agents within the main frames of the worldly task forces he makes notice of a medium sized sparring and competition ring splayed in the middle of the room.

"Man this place needs some work" he said to himself barely above a whisper as he walked around the surroundings and the things that seem to have been put within the confines of the training area'. Picking up a small punching bag looking thing he became amazed and annoyed at the same time "This is what they used to train punches and kicks....looks like a friggen rag doll" he said as he sat it down and continued his inspection of the area; yet as he toward the ring his annoyance became hasrher as he saw the ring in shambles "Well time to get to business" he said as he took his shirt off exposing his muscles and toned figure of athleticism and went to his storage room on the other side of the building taking a large metal hammer, an pick axe and several other equipment he walked back to the room and set his equipment down and took out his phonem dialing a few digits into it and another few moments later a voice was heard... feminine in tone and dignified as a possible authority within the aspects of government she spoke with calm clarity and confidence "Hello Lieutenant-Commander Vaune" she said at first "What is the nature of your call" she remarked as she picked up.

"Commander Divinci I need a small favor" he answered as a voice moaned in desperation "Can't it wait, you do realize it is night here" she said confidently yet the voice also could be considered seductive "I need some suplies, the usual for covert operations...Can you get them for me?" he asked as he waited for her response "Of course I can, you are; however, my favorite renegade mercenary afterall" she replied "Where shall I send it?" she asked "Have it delivered to the local botanical park the location is rural new york I can handle the rest, thank you" he remarked before hanging up. the next day he left and came back several hours later and continued his work.

two days later his work had been finished and when he walked over to the fuse box he connected a security main frame and a series of covert cameras and motion activators and confidential experimental laser rays within the confines of the room. pushing a small red button the ceiling above the ring had started to open, pushing a new button one of the walls swung around and a glass case completely bulletproof had shown a series of suited uniforms made indeffinately for the students for the school and their own powers.

switching one last button on had activated a small defensive structure within the building that when invaded would fire a rapid barrage of nails, needles and rubber pellets at the invading parties to either disorient or slow them down.
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Martial Arts Class
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