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 Teaching the science of science

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Dr Horrible

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PostSubject: Teaching the science of science   Mon Jun 13, 2011 12:15 am

Dr Horrible stood in the class room with his prized possession, the freeze ray on his new desk. Beside that lay a stun ray and a death ray, working examples. He looked around the room at the various devices, there was a destroyer cannon, a death strike detonator and several other nasty pieces of kit and other various healing devices. He never used the more passive devices, a K8 hunting unit sat in the corner and he had been modifying that when he had realized the time to bring his class in was upon him.

He placed his hand upon the control device on his desk and pressed the green button, the door swung open and three droids moved forwards, all made by his truly and each was well armed. Two aimed stun rays at the students and the other held out three text books per student. He looked at the first student and smoothed his red lab coat and pulled his goggles over his eyes, his voice sinister yet soft
"Welcome to the lab of Dr Horrible. I am no villain unless you misbehave. Then my little creations will teach you how useful they are without my help. So take each text book, you will submit them all to the scanning droid without even a crinkle in the pages at the end of every lesson, understand? I do believe that each student here will learn something new every lesson from how to make a fuel rod for a freeze ray to a stun droid. Now sit. Quickly now."
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Alisha Angels

Alisha Angels

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PostSubject: Re: Teaching the science of science   Mon Jun 13, 2011 5:53 am

Alisha gave her science teacher a confused look as she walked in and got her text book. She had this bad feeling about him, as she sat down in her seat. This was either a good idea or about to be her worst nightmare.
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Teaching the science of science
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