Academy For Teens that have Superpowers or to train to be come stronger. This is where You Begin to either Heroes or Villains
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Hi and Welcome to Academy High, I hope you Enjoy you stay and Have fun here. Please read the rules and Create a Character. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webmaster and Admin Team.

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 The Begining

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Dimitri Fuller
Dimitri Fuller

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PostSubject: The Begining   Sat May 28, 2011 2:09 pm

In the Time before the Academy High was made, Teen that had Super powers reigned Chaos over the Cities over the world and destroying everything in their battle between Good and Evil. But the Governments had enough of it so a Band of Super Powered Adults the Academy High was made to kept order on the Teens and so they could control their powers fully, but still Evil and Good fought in the school and some would Escape and fight in the world so they made it their jobs to teach them the ways their student wanted to go. So soon enough a new Generation was born and the Academy Become the School for Gifted Teens. Now will you be Good or Evil it is your Chose and yours alone. When the school was founded, Kevin Fuller was the director of the school. He wanted to stop all the pain and hurt in the world and wanted to make a better place for teens with powers. He lost his parents because of a teen that used his powers for evil. Since that day he decided to protect his brother Dimitri Fuller and try to get as many teens to his school. Now at the age of 25 Kevin does a good job at keeping everone safe. But he still searches for teens who need him. His brother Dimitri Fuller is still a student at his school. When he's old enough he'll become second in command. But he can already go on missions with his brother, so that he can help the other teens to stay good. Kevin hopes that he can create a better world, were all gifted people are good.
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The Begining
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