Academy For Teens that have Superpowers or to train to be come stronger. This is where You Begin to either Heroes or Villains
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Hi and Welcome to Academy High, I hope you Enjoy you stay and Have fun here. Please read the rules and Create a Character. Your Friendly Neighbourhood Webmaster and Admin Team.

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 Kevin Fuller

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Kevin Fuller
Kevin Fuller

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PostSubject: Kevin Fuller   Sun May 29, 2011 7:31 am

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Basic Information~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Name: Kevin Fuller

Alias: Tornado

Gender: Male

Age: 25


Sexual Orientation: Straight

Blood Type(Optional): O+

Family Members(Optional):
-Younger Brother: Dimitri Fuller

Birth Date(Optional): December

Star Sign(Optional): Sagittarius

Rank(Teacher, Student,...):
-Director of the school
-Teacher English
-Teacher for the trainings with the powers


Extra Information:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Appearance~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Picture :

Height: 6' 2"

Weight: 150 lbs

Body Type: Athletic

Extra Feature:
-If he controls the weather, his eyes arefully white.

Soft, kind voice, but can be loud when needed.

Extra Clothing/Gear:
-When he teaches he wears a suit
-On missions the uniform of the school
-In his spare time, loose clothing


Kevin is a nice person, he is a good leader of the school and tries to keep every member in the good direction. He is very protective about the school and about his only left family, his brother. He is still single, and he would love to find the loveo f his life. But that's not so simple. You will not easily get him angry, but when he is angry, it's bets you stay out of his way. Kevin likes to make new friends and get new students. He will search for them and tries to get as many teens to his school. Whenever he finds older persons that are willing to join, he gives them a personal training, and watches them so that he can see of they can be trusted. Whenever he trust them, they will be promoted to teacher. For now Kevin runs the school alone, but when is brother is old enough he will be second in rank. As for now he's brother is a student. Whenever you lose the trust of Kevin it will be hard to get back in his circle. If you hurt him, he will never ever help you again. So when you are Kevin's friend, it's best to keep it that way.

-His Brother
-Cold drinks
-His school

-Being powerless
-Losing someone

-Keeping peace in the school and in the world
-Finding new members

Death of his brother, His own death, losing the school

-His powers
-Leading capacities

-He can't focus if his brother or another loved one is in danger.

Extra Information:



Kevin grew up in a family full of love. His parents would do anything for him or his brother.
They were also fine with their powers. Kevin was born when it rained outside, but as soon as he was born the sun started to shine.
That was because Kevin had the ability to control the weather. Nine years later Dimitri was born, with the ability to use lightning and the ability of super speed. But they were not the only ones with powers.
There were a lot of teens who had powers. When Kevin was 15 years old and Dimi 6 they made some friends.
Kevin and Dimitri and their friends all trained their powers.
The world was good this way. This was a good life for them, one time in the week they trained with their friends and slowly they became a little more powerful.

At the age of 17 there were some teens that turned against all the others, soon they fought against the good ones.
Not long after that a whole lot of other teens joined them. Those were bad days for the city and also for Kevin, Dimitri and their friends.
The good teens did their best to fend them off, and they worked. Years passed as the good ones tried to keep the bad ones off.

At the age of twenty Kevin had some troubles with a strong guy. He had some powerful powers. Kevin had to run to his home, but the guy followed him.
At his home the guy bashed open the door, Kevin his parents tried to stop him, but something terrible happened. He used his powers and his parents got killed. After that Kevin and the 11 year old Dimi were able to defeat him. When Kevin was about to kill him he paused and let him took of, but he never wanted to see him again. Some years passed as Kevin and Dimi tried to forget what happened. They missed their parents a lot, but they were happy to have each other. When Kevin turned 24, he needed to stop the bad ones, he had to do something. So he made a school for gifted teens, there he tried to keep them on the right pad.

Now at the age of 25 he has some teens in the school and still searches, students and good teachers to teach at his school. When his brother will be older, he also will help Kevin to lead the school and will also teach. As for now Dimitri is a student and Kevin the director of the school, and also teacher. Those who are strong enough go with Kevin and his brother on missions to fight evil. That way Kevin tries to keep the world safe.

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Dimitri Fuller
Dimitri Fuller

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PostSubject: Re: Kevin Fuller   Sun May 29, 2011 8:14 am

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Kevin Fuller
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